Investigators looked into friends and acquaintances, but no real red flags were apparent. They knew they were gonna kill them from the outset," said Ferrer. He described how important Schiller's testimony was in bringing down the Sun Gym gang. I run into them by accident, I'm dead.". I hadn't eaten for like three days. "They were Tasing him," the co-conspirator continued. In the end, the Sun Gym Gang stuffed the torsos of Grida and Furton into 55-gallon drums and attempted to burn them. "And the message that he -- he had out there was you can do whatever you want. Tags: Crime, Jacksonville, Gov. Gail Levine has continued her career at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. It's a moment Judge Ferrer will never forget. Lugo's girlfriend, Sabina Petrescu, was granted immunity in exchange for her testimony. They are now both CBS News consultants. "I guess its divine intervention. Ferrer said he knew from the jump that the case involving the Sun Gym cohort --in which another member, Jorge Delgado, would eventually flip on 32-year-oldLugo and 24-year-old Doorbal, allegedly fearing for his safety --would one day become a Hollywood production. The investigation eventually led the police to their remains in large drums dumped in the Everglades, Florida. Schiller is a man who cheated death and whose harrowing ordeal is now dramatized by actor Tony Shalhoub in the new movie. Roberts asked Levine. The horror was just beginning. South Carolina 2 . The authorities eventually found out about a gang that kidnapped and forced rich people to turn over their money and assets. They moved them to a warehouse and chopped them up, using a saw and then a hatchet, before dumping them. Noel [Adrian] Doorbal, on the other hand, he was joking. That would be one of the last meals the Sun Gym gang intended for Schiller to have as Lugo put his final plan into action. "He was a steroid freak. Roberts asked. Oxygen's true crime series Florida Man Murders returns on July 11 with a new crop of crime sprees to investigate, from double homicides to a mysterious severed human head. And that was their attempt to kill him. From there, they cut up the bodies with hatchets, put them in 50-gallon drums, and threw them into the Everglades. "Well, guilty, yeah, but -- I don't believe in the -- death penalty," he replied. A Miami gym rat sent to Death Row for the gruesome dismemberment murder of a Golden Beach couple in 1995 is getting a new sentencing hearing. He was released in November 2002. "Frank was the American success story -- an immigrant, came to this country with $10 dollars in his pocket and made millions.". He was handed two death sentences for his role in the murders of Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton. Often referenced as "Florida Man. asia deep blue crete menu . Frank Griga's yellow Lamborghini is shown in evidence photos. But it would be just a matter of time. A wealthy businessman, Marc Schiller, claimed he had been kidnapped and tortured for over a month in a Miami Lakes warehouse. However, the movie, the books, and articles are very inaccurate. Even now, with a big Hollywood movie, he won't get a dime. but real sick," Schiller said. In total, 11 people were arrested and charged in connection with the plot. Furton's torso remains were identified only by the serial numbers on her breast implants. She says Schiller didn't come forward, because he had his own credibility issues due to his alleged involvement in Medicare fraud. But even Ed Du Bois, with 50 years of experience as a private investigator, had never heard anything quite like Schiller's story. "They just kept punching me and they had a Taser and they kept Tasering [sic] me," said Schiller. And she just keeps going, 'No you weren't kidnapped, you were drunk, you hit a pole," said Ferrer. "We left at 8 o'clock in the morning. A pair of neighbors in Florida are dead following what appeared to be a murder-suicide on Monday afternoon that allegedly grew out of a dispute over security lights. Griga did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment on the upcoming special, while Schiller and survivors of Furton could not be reached. They were living there and partying in his home," Ferrer explained. "I was pretty hardcore" he said of his weightlifting. This case had violence, insanity in some respects, sex, dark humor. Please enter valid email address to continue. According to the Lake County . It got more than 11,000 retweets and more than two million views. Once in the apartment, Doorbal tried to subdue Griga, but he fought back. "I know people have said it was 'roid rage, these people were probably on steroids and it led to that. "His wealth did afford him certain luxury items," Roberts noted. The two crimes would become one huge case -- a case that Judge Alex Ferrer, now TV's "Judge Alex", and Miami-Dade prosecutor Gail Levine would never forget. But the second chain saw jammed in Krisztina Furton's beautiful, thick hair. Then, days later, Franks car was found abandoned in the Everglades by a state trooper, leading the authorities to kick the investigation up a notch. "Very handsome couple, they looked like they were made for each other," Jimenez explained. "And another time, they were going to ram their car into Schiller in order to get him to stop and pretend like it was an accident. At the time of the incident, the 33-year-old lived in the affluent area of Golden Beach in Miami, Florida, and was in a relationship with 23-year-old Krisztina, also from Hungary. The group succeeded in their attempt to relieve Schiller of his riches but through a "comedy of errors," Schiller managed to escape. Marc Schiller managed to escape the capture and torture by the Sun Gym Gang and later testified against them in their trial for the Griga and Furton murders. Daniel Lugo was given two death sentences for his role in the murders of Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton. "Big guy intimidating," Roberts commented. He agreed, and in November of 1994, brought his gun. "And they started chopping the body parts. Roberts asked Jimenez. Asked what did they do with the bodies, Levine told Roberts, "Well, they got creative.". They did interview Griga's ex-girlfriend, Beatriz, who was also a stripper at Solid Gold, which Griga and Furton still frequented. Another person of interest was Adrian Doorbal, a 28-year-old Trinidadian immigrant who worked as a trainer at the gym, as well as Jorge Delgado, a man who was trained by Doorbal and worked for Schiller, giving the men the inspiration for the plot. Crime News is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries. Legal Statement. "Florida man on drugs kills imaginary friend and turns himself in," read a May 30 Facebook post. In 1994, Lugo and his gang were offering cash for a little help. If you "think" that you've "seen" something like "this" before - then . By Becca van Sambeck. "It was probably more than that, it was probably like five days," he said. I can only imagine what the victims' families are going through. They backed out about a block away to watch the car as it was engulfed in flames. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. On December 31, police in Port Salerno, Florida, were called to a home shared by 58-year-old Christina Ruth Diorio and her son, 34-year-old Darren Keith Pouncey. "He was screaming 'What do you want, what do you want with me, what are you doin? "They tried to kill him. florida man murders frank and christinapatricia caroline swanson obituary 03/06/2022 / governor's award high school / en ballarat restaurants broadsheet / por / governor's award high school / en ballarat restaurants broadsheet / por "The victim comes from Colombia. Prosecutor Levine would eventually lead the investigation and try the case. "You know we were very poor when we were young" she continued. They don't deserve to relive what happened.". The prosecution rested. Ferrer wondered. "They were living in the house. They pitched a phony investment idea and lured them to a closed restaurant on May 24, 1995. "It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic because they made these stupid attempts," Ferrer explained. And now they're both dead -- Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton. "He'd do anything and everything that Danny Lugo told him to do.". "Krisztina and Frank were a perfect couple. "They give him alcohol to drink. "I'm a good hearted person. "What happened was terrible. With the little money he had, he spent a lot of it at the Solid Gold Strip Club. ", "The problem is, they don't buckle him in," Ferrer explained. "I mean, they take the guy for everything he has. ", FLORIDA MAN'S FORMER ESCORT WIFE TRIED HIRING A HIT MAN: 'I WAS PRAYING IT WASN'T HER'. " when you have a case that's that grotesque and you know people suffered what do we do to bring justice to the victims of this case, either in their name or for their surviving members ," said Rundle. Legal Statement. If you "think" that you've "seen" something like "this" before - then "think"."again".One man's journey to find the "Florida Man" for his alleged "Murders". "There's a lot of things about this case that boggle the mind," said Jimenez. "She fell for Danny and believed everything he told her.". "It was so encompassing from the day I got the call, from the day I started investigating it, from the day I met the victim's family, from the day I met everybody involved, from the relationship that I developed with police in investigating the case," she explained. "They never went out, never read them their rights, they never asked them a question, they never even said, 'Hello, here I am. They initially found their torsos before later finding the heads and limbs in a different area. It would be months before Schiller could grasp the full horror of how he ended up half dead at Jackson Memorial, Miami's top trauma center. And we were all in a panic," he said. Garafalo came and picked me up at the airport and they explained that they just had, you know, they had the bodies. A Florida family allegedly beat a homosexual man so severely that he was left blinded because they believed he "turned" their son gay, according to reports. One man's journey to find the "Florida Man" for his alleged "Murders". Police were initially unconcerned, but after the Lamborghini was found abandoned they realized something serious could have happened to the couple. "Florida Man Murders" premieres with a two-night special on Jan. 9 and begins with the "Musclehead Murders" at 7 p.m. when do daffodils bloom in new york; crawfish meat turning black. (Courtesy of Oxygen). Get an all-access pass to never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Get the latest crime news and updates from, including true crime sagas, cold cases and breaking national news. "He felt betrayed," Roberts noted to Levine. Frank Griga and Krisztina Furton are seen in evidence photos. "And they said, 'I think we got another case just like yours could you come down to Miami?' He was turning around to his girlfriend, and making faces like a goofball," said Ferrer. Finally, the daily torture was too much. Garafalo, also retired, worked the case for his boss, Felix Jimenez. When they arrived at the restaurant, they suggested heading to Doorbal's nearby townhouse instead. Frank was identified through a tooth, while Krisztina was identified with her breast implant serial number. "Did you fear that Delgado and Lugo were going to come to hospital to finish the job?" You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Name: Date: Victims: Location : A: Aubrey Dennis ADAMS Jr.. January 23, 1978: 1: Florida, USA: James ADAMS November 12, 1973: 1: Florida, USA: Richard Lee ADAMS . Asked what he remembered next, Schiller told Roberts, "Waking up in a hospital.". Market data provided by Factset. ", He did express his remorse, saying, "I wish I hadn't been involved. "This is where the Sun Gym was located. And I've tried serial killers," Ferrer said. Powered by VIP. The whole scheme was completely botched. Schiller's sister ripped the medical tubes from his arms. "I dont want the American public to be sympathetic to the killers.". This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, This series from Blumhouse Television zeroes in on America's most notorious and outrageous killers from the Sunshine State. Du Bois' first clue was that the documents giving away Schiller's funds had been notarized by a CPA named John Mese who owned the Sun Gym. So all their friends assumed that the reason they weren't home was because they were in the Bahamas," said Jimenez. Ultimately, the rest of the gang went to prison, too. For their roles in the grisly murders, Lugo and Doorbal were both convicted and each were handed two death sentences, and Mese was sentenced to 56 years in prison. But literally, there were times during the trial when the lawyers would come sidebar and I leaned over and look at them and say, 'You got to be f--king kidding me' and the lawyers would even laugh and go, 'I don't know what to tell you, Judge,' because of the crazy things that were happening in this trial. Fox News Flash top entertainment headlines for January 8, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are 'OK' vacating Frogmore: 'If we need to move out, we will get ourselves out', Mia Wasikowska talks leaving Hollywood: Felt really disconnected, Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson involved in Georgia police chase; boyfriend arrested, Rebel Wilson says Meghan Markle wasn't as 'naturally warm' as Prince Harry in meeting, Kelly Osbourne shares first glimpse of infant son in photo with 'Uncle Jack', Prince Harry addresses 'Spare' backlash in interview: 'I have never looked for sympathy in this'. Judge Alex Ferrer left the bench in 2005, and continues to enjoy success with his syndicated television show. CHRIS WATTS WENT TO SOME DARK PLACES AFTER NETFLIX RELEASED DOC ON MURDERS, 'WILL NEVER SEE IT': SOURCE. When the authorities delved into the investigation of Frank Black's disappearance, they unraveled a heinous plot of murder and betrayal. "They, I mean this whole time they were laughing uncontrollably. With Griga dead, they had no way of extorting his assets from him. Eric Pierson is charged with first-degree murder for the . Soon Adrian Doorbal was in custody and refused to talk to police. Investigation Discoverys The 1990s: The Deadliest Decade: Roid Rage focuses on how the members of what became known as the Sun Gym Gang brutally murdered Frank and Krisztina. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. The muscle-headed gang had trashed his home and burned through his money. They then turned their attention to Furton. By David Ovalle. "We had more than that. Work of art in the form of a Movie of live images that are rotated to produce an illusion of moving images that are presented as a form of entertainment. Lugo and Doorbal, posing as businessmen, lured Frank and Krisztina back to Doorbal's apartment. The authorities spoke to Judi, who had seen Frank and Krisztina on May 24, 1995, as they were heading out to dinner with two muscular men. "Lugo's gone, we have a warrant for his arrest," Jimenez said. Upon learning of the description of the two men, the police thought back to a case regarding a millionaire, Marc Schiller, who had talked about being kidnapped and tortured by a group of men for over a month; they had reportedly done unspeakable things to him to get him to sign over his all of his assets at the time. They forced him to sign papers turning over all his assets to them. Roberts asked. Lugo and Doorbal's attorneys chose not to put on a case. Deepra Sarkar. Today, while Schiller refuses to talk about the charges, he does say he lost everything -- his health, his home, his millions. With the aid of Florida investigators and prosecutors, the series unravels the cases' strange twists . He called his family, telling his wife to take their two young children and flee to Colombia. If you "think" that you've "seen" something like "this" before - then "think"."again". "The last day? But OK, what about all the other people who just went along with it? "It was a sham," Ed Du Bois said. After being sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences, he was murdered in prison. Hollywood could not resist this crazy scene. So, lets find out what happened then, shall we. He was tortured and treated worse than any prisoner of war," Ferrer told producers. "There was some damning evidence there bloody clothing belonging to Frank and Krisztina, there was the kidnap kit -- a case with duct tape guns, [stun guns], handcuffs -- there was so much evidence in that apartment," said Jimenez. "Yeah, I told 'em I was kidnapped, and they go, 'No no, you were in a bad accident,'" he said. The latest Brevard County, FL, crime news and arrest mugshots. "I knew they weren't gonna do anything,"said Schiller. The authorities quickly arrested Jorge and Adrian, but Danny was nowhere to be seen, and neither were Frank and Krisztina. "There was never any pretense. But they went missing even before they could go on that trip. My heart breaks when I think of what she went through.". " and they see this guy that they just lit on fire standing by the side of the road and they yell, 'Run him over, run him over,'" said Ferrer. A search of the house and the car yielded no clues. Schiller would eventually tell police a wild story -- that five months before the murders of Frank and Krisztina, Schiller himself had been grabbed by a gang. That's why I said it's a dark comedy. According to prosecutors, Delgado was privy to Schillers offshore bank accounts and portfolio of numerous exuberant homes. He was in control as the prosecution's star witness. "He told me, 'Look, I gotta talk to you about something,'" the co-conspirator continued. John abandoned the car, where it was eventually found. Stream live TV from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN & popular cable networks. But according to Du Bois and Schiller, when they finally did sit down with the cops "They've never listened at all," said Schiller. Whap! The gang used costumes and comic book code names like Batman and Robin and tried to stage an accident to kidnap Schiller. old cass tech high school photos idb staff salary structure "And Doorbal's face lights up and says, 'Who has the yellow Lambo?' "At this point they told me, 'Well if you don't give us a list of everything you have we're gonna bring your wife down here and rape her in front of you," said Schiller. Furton, meanwhile, tried to join the melee, but Lugo beat her and tried to pacify her with a horse tranquilizer. & unlike the description tries to tell you, i am sure you HAVE seen something like this By what name was Florida Man Murders (2021) officially released in Canada in English? In a plea deal, Schiller ended up serving two years in federal prison and paying $137,000 in restitution. By May of 1995, five months after his harrowing escape, the Sun Gym gang had burned through all of Marc Schiller's money. FLORIDA MAN PLEADS GUILTY TO KILLING WIFE, LEADS POLICE TO REMAINS, "Well, they're sitting there and the car, and as [Schiller] is driving by they had the car turned off and they go to turn it on and it won't start and he just drives right by them and these guys are punching the steering wheel and screaming. I was kidnapped. The Sun Gym gang left a massive, bloody trail of evidence. " told him, 'The eagle has landed.' But business went badly, and later Schiller and Delgado had a falling out over a deal. All rights reserved. So it's like the Keystone Cops gone bad.". Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, breaking news, sweepstakes, and more! He explained how they lured the couple in with the fake business pitch at the restaurant, knowing it was closed. And these two guys don't have a dime," Ferrer explained. A thousand miles from Miami, Marc Schiller, now supported by his family, began to heal; his body and bones fractured. Eventually, Sabina told the police that he was hiding in the Bahamas, leading to his arrest. And she says, 'Oh, don't you know? The film is often referred to as a Movie or moving picture. "Oh he loved cars, yes, he loved cars," Griga said. It had been five months since Marc Schiller's ordeal. Under Raimondo's guidance, they decided to cut the bodies up to dispose of them. She was in love with Danny Lugo and she thought he was her CIA agent.". Afterward, he said the assailants tried to kill Schiller by staging a car accident. "Yeah. Soon, both men realized. Doorbal was also found guilty and both men were sentenced to death. Then, in July 1982, 10-week-old Travis DeWayne Coleman died suddenly while at Falling's mobile home in Blountstown, Florida. The ordeal wasn't over for Marc Schiller. Three people have been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of three Florida men who'd set out to go fishing - killings authorities say came shortly after the . Short of bringing him back? Now, Lugo and Doorbal were front and center of two cases. The murders spanned just a few nights in August 1990. The map was clear and it led straight to the Sun Gym gang. Jorge struck a deal with the prosecution and testified against his co-conspirators. You can't claim misidentification. "He thought he was smarter than anybody else," Jimenez added. ", "Yeah, the guy that was at night there, because they stopped feeding me," Schiller explained. . If you "think" that you've "seen" something like "this" before - then "think"."again". They learned of Jorge Delgado, who used to work for Marc Schiller, and connected him to Daniel Danny Lugo. "And they told him that they were investors and that they had a way to make 20-percent return on the dollar," said Levine. "They handcuffed my hands behind my back.". Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. and they did?" "What was the defense strategy?" He was desperate for money and sometimes worked at the Sun Gym. Oxygen's true crime series Florida Man Murders returns on July 11 with a new crop of crime sprees to investigate, from double homicides to a mysterious severed human head. So for now, she wouldn't tell detectives where Lugo was. Paramount paid out a confidential sum to Schiller and the matter was settled in 2016, the Hollywood Reporter said at the time. Jorge received a 15-year sentence and was released in September 2002 after serving just seven years. The ringleader seemed to be Daniel "Danny" Lugo, a 32-year-old bodybuilder and convicted felon who had defrauded elderly people out of millions in a twisted insurance scheme. And what they contain are two bodies," said Jimenez. It's been 18 long years since the gang tortured and killed their way through Miami. Police didn't need a GPS. They're looking at the dent of the car, and they say, 'I don't know it's not a big dent, yeah but we ran him over, and we backed over him, I mean he must be dead,'" Ferrer continued. Brevard County Jail 860 Camp Road Cocoa, FL 32927. They told me my death sentence," said Schiller. I said, 'Yeah, yeah. ", FLORIDA MAN ACCUSED OF SUGGESTING HE WAS POLICE OFFICER DURING SEXUAL BATTERY, ROBBERY ATTACK: COPS. Get the best of Fox News' entertainment coverage, right in your inbox. "What person gets kidnapped, held for a month, and when he finally gets free, leaves the country and doesn't call the police for four months?" Directed by Spike Lee, BlacKkKlansman tells the true story of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first Black . In a highly unusual twist, Judge Alex Ferrer stood up for Schiller during the federal fraud investigation. To them it was just a fun game," he said. "I presided over many, many bizarre cases and many homicides. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. That's when Doorbal and Lugo reached for an ax. How does it feel to watch your mom get her [expletive] beat," Michelle wrote on Facebook. Then, Lugo demanded she give up the access code numbers to Frank Griga's house. Jurors wasted little time making their decision. I just made a mistake," he told Roberts. There, Adrian tried to choke Frank, but he fought back, so he placed Frank in a chokehold and beat him, killing him. Check out never-before-seen content, free digital evidence kits, and much more! Marc Schiller did not commit that $14 million worth of Medicare fraud.". Danny Lugo had convinced her he was a spy on a secret mission. She chose not to call the police. "I was in a coma when they picked me up," he told Roberts. They make identification. Despite his cooperation, Schiller still remained chained like an animal in the Miami warehouse. "Number one, she was smitten with Danny Lugo, and number two, I think she believed what he was saying -- that he was a CIA operative -- that he was working for the U.S. government in kidnapping people that were dangerous to this country," said Jimenez. "So here you have these two muscular guys, and on a Saturday morning, during the middle of the day, it looks like they're moving. "And I said, 'The easy answer is for you to get out of the hospital," said Du Bois. Alison Emery, Powell's high school best friend, said she was so . After that, the group attempted to kill Marc by putting him in a car and setting him on fire, but Marc somehow survived. "I was starved. With the plan going completely awry, the men then enlisted the help of Jorge and John Raimondo to get rid of the bodies. Schiller can't forget the sick soundtrack that came with his daily beatings. Petrescu would play a crucial role as police continued gathering more evidence connecting Lugo and Doorbal to the disappearance of Frank and Krisztina. "the missing Hungarian couple had said that they were going to the Bahamas the -- the-- following day. The Sun Gym Gang's horrific activities and outlandish missteps like dressing as ninjas with spy vision gear during an early Schiller kidnapping attempt inspired the 2013 Michael Bay film "Pain and Gain," starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. So we have a lot to go on," said Jimenez. And they just blew it off.". Krisztina Furton, 23, who loved animals, swimming and had dreams of being a professional diver, was now shot full of horse tranquilizer. The case is now being re-visited forOxygen's upcoming two-night special, "Florida Man Murders" from BlumhouseTelevision. For hours," said Levine. All rights reserved. Sadie Darnell was a lieutenant and public information officer (PIO) for the Gainesville Police Department (GPD) when the five students were murdered in late August 1990. ", "The subject is so dark and people die so you don't want to laugh. February 17, 2021. "They turned the car off and as he's driving by they're cranking it and the car won't start and he goes driving by. What about the people at the gym doing curl-ups next to them, and they said, 'Hey, you wanna babysit some guy we have kidnapped in a warehouse?' Deadly duo behind Long Island woman's decapitation allegedly prayed to an 'alligator god' before arrest: doc 'Florida Man Murders' returns with new episodes on Saturday, July 10, at 9:00 p.m/ ET . 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. With his family safely out of the country, Schiller was still suffering. Police in South Florida charged a man on Saturday for the murder of a single mother, about a year after he was released from prison early. You just don't. Before that, they tried to get Franks house access codes from her. Three days, five murders. (Courtesy of Oxygen). Start a Free Trial to watch Florida Man Murders on YouTube TV (and cancel anytime). Market data provided by Factset. (Oxygen), "I happened to have handled the case from the very beginning to the very end which is very unusual because before a case ever gets started, the police officers are coming in for search warrants before anybody is arrested," Ferrer recalled of the events that unfolded from the historical case. I leave that to the federal government. "The bodies were found that day," Zsuzsanna Griga told Roberts of the day she arrived. Frank Griga's yellow Lamborghini is shown in evidence photos. The torture and the beatings and the -- the attempts to kill him and all of that. "They'd been partying and going to strip clubs, and dropping thousands of dollars on strippers and it was all his money," said Judge Alex Ferrer. ", Judge Alex Ferrer presided over the Sun Gym Gang case in Miami that inspired the Michael Bay film 'Pain & Gain.' A 24-year-old Honduran immigrant who's charged with murder in the brutal stabbing death of a Florida man had crossed the US border illegally months earlier while . They set me in a chair, and they give me this concoction, a drink," said Schiller. This series zeroes in on America's most notorious and outrageous killers from the Sunshine State. She had been walking her dog when she saw the couple heading out to dinner with two unidentified men. "And Doorbal goes and speaks to her and he comes back and says, his exact words were, 'The bitch is cold.' I'll come to Miami,'" said Schiller. The last of the muscle heads would be busted when Danny Lugo's girlfriend, Sabina Petrescu, told police that Lugo was hiding out in the Bahamas. The life Frank Griga had built on those dial tones of his sex phone empire. The panel in Kissimmee found Anthony John Todt, 46, guilty on four counts of first-degree murder for the slayings of his 42-year-old wife Megan, and their kids Zoe, 4, Tyler, 11, and . It was the first time in Florida's history a body was identified in this manner. "Why are you alive?" "And he says, 'How would I know him?'
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