Mysteries are my choices as an adult. Thanks for putting beauty into the world! I believe that reading fueled my love for learning and being able to really listen to people. she inherited my passion for gardening and has dahlias from seed and loves roses and zinnias and cosmos and .. I still love the outdoors and have hobbies like beekeeping and gardening so it must have influenced me that way. One-stop shop for all of the best content from food to news and everything in between! Growing up in an all male household my love for anything magical, girly, or hypnotic was intense. As much as the adventures she went on! I remember being truly changed by a few: where the red fern grows, modoc, the wizard of oz series.. Top 3: Nancy Drew, Little House on the Prairie, and Sue Barton (nurse series). I loved that Australian flora and fauna were celebrated in books. I always escaped by reading as a child. It was my first introduction to poetry, the perfect introduction for a child:). I remember crawling up in my grandfathers lap and he would read it over and over. Paddington Bear, mostly because my dad read it to me. My early introduction to color and great design has influenced my whole life, including my love of flowers and flower arranging. Wheres Waldo? Fast forward 60 years, I care for my sweet 34 year old black mare, Misty, and the upper pasture is now the location of my flower farm. My kids adored the I Spy books. Growing up I was reading all the time. My moms old biology textbooks, it opened my mind to wonder. Although my part of the country got off very lightly, the cyclone was very devastating for those in Northland and where Zoe lives on the East Coast. Ham/lamb? I like to make rhyming games shout-out games. 3. My blossoming heart looks to you. And I would be turning it into a small side business. So today I live in an old Victorian that weve been fixing up for over ten years. I always liked biographies not only about people that did great and world changing things, but also about little farm girls that grew up with the most simple of lives. I hope to add it to my collection! I fell in love with secret spaces and recovering lost beauty, digging in the soil and growing beautiful flowers. As I got older I really only read magazines. The Hardy Boys mysteries took me on adventures far away from the hard work of our small truck farm and produced a great reader as an adult. I would dive into them, feeling a closeness with the characters and joy when the story unfolded so beautifully. Children who solved mysteries, not crimes. I loved fairy tales and books like Heidi, The Little Princess, and The Secret Garden, where good triumphs over evil. food that rhymes with alexisbad bunny tour 2022 tickets food that rhymes with alexis. Congratulations, Zo! As I sit here in my warm, cozy home with 5 feet of snow outside and watching it continue to snow Ive been pulling out my gardening books and coffee table books seeking some inspiration and hope that Spring will arrive before I know it. Thank you, for the look back and the interview. what rhymes with kara? I have memories of my grandpa reading this book to us over and over, while us grandchildren were clustered around the sofa peering over his shoulder. My mom and I would gaze over every single page to plan out our dream gardeneven though she knew they couldnt afford much, she would always surprise me with a few packs of seeds to sew each year. Its not that I loved their stories I dont even remember them now like I do other beloved books =) but the way they showed that decisions have consequences to think carefully and choose wisely and that sometimes even when you do, things still go sideways thats has a pretty significant influence. I have so many childhood favourite books. Such a beautiful book! My mom let me have a little corner area of the yard as my personal garden! As a kid my love for gardening came from my Moms passion for her vegetable garden. My favorite were Raggedy Ann and Andy books and Peanuts. Place all the food in one pile and the rhyming objects in another. I loved hearing the soft voice of my mother as she read aloud to nine quiet children hanging on her every word! Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. This trope calls out to us to become more and better than we currently are. I loved books that my imagination placed me within the setting. I was so intrigued, as a child, by books that demonstrated any kind of art or craft! I read it in 4th grade with my class and we all were amazed at his perseverance for survival and hardship. Ive read this with my own kids many times! As a grownup with littles Ive decided you can never be too old picture books. Hmm, which words rhyme? . I loved looking at the colorful illustrations while he read the stories. Sweet as can be, thats what you are to me. my interests spanned from fairy stories to encyclopedias on animals, fish, birdsbut the one book that came up this morning was Where the Lilies Bloom, by Vera and Bill Cleaver. Impossible to pick a favorite book from my childhood; just too many I loved. going through it cutting out pictures and creating matching and coordinated ensembles. That all changed in fourth grade when, while dusting, I opened up an original Nancy Drew my grandmother had given me (think WWII-era) to see what it was about. I was never a big reader until a few years ago but one book I read over and over was a childrens picture book called Emmetts Pig. Thank you for all your good work! I think reading those books with a strong female protagonist helped me to become the happy, independent woman I am today. My Mother, a nurse, read it to me and she taught me by her own example how to be caring, courageous and passionate about all living beings and appreciate the beauty and good in all! Beautiful blog post! Over the years, my childhood copys binding weakened and pages were lost or crayoned over by my little sister. As an adult I still marvel and am filled with wonder at the beauty of creation, and I dont think I could appreciate it quite as much without Anne. I am just thinking about getting some flower seeds started in my cold Victorian farmhouse. I was enchanted by the book The Color Kittens as a child. Im so intrigued by this book! And now I have a pretty collection of all things nature from board books to atlas and your books! The book was about a boy who wanted a pig. But the first book to deeply touch my heart was,The Shy Stegosaurus of Cricket Creek by Evelyn Sibley Lampman. Starting at a young age she shared her books, her knowledge and love for anything handmade or hand touched. Little Women I remember loving Roald Dahl, Nancy Drew, and the silly poetry of Shel Silverstein! Looking forward to my 1st peak into Lost and Found ~SusieQ. Thanks for sharing you time with Zoe with us. Five Rhymes about Meats 1. I loved many adventure stories and have always enjoyed planning and exploring new places near and far. And I hope to build this passion into a small business one day. My grandmother was a gardener. It taught me many of the skills I needed to care for having my own. . I could feel the heat that makes you slow when looking at those pages. Thank you so much for inviting us back. . But, they also informed my tendencies of being spunky, confident, and a go getter. I loved books about the great outdoors and the people and animals who made it their play place. This book is absolutely gorgeous!! The death & dying series was heartbreaking, but would remind me that life is short & to cherish your loved ones. A huge congratulations to Zoe!! I continue to love visual puzzles and paired with flowers is just brilliant! Book looks amazing! The book sounds absolutely delightful. Not exactly gardening inspired, but I was inspired by the ingenuity and challenge to carve out a subsistence living in the Midwest in the 19th century. Another beautuful book I would love to add to my collection. Very excited for you both. I know its a Christmas book, but my grandpa gave it to me when I was eight and told me he still hears the bell every Christmas. I was a Nancy Drew series reader, and having the set next to my bed made for easy access at bedtime. It inspires me every day as it reminds me of that magic feeling that hand sewing still gives me. At first, I was reading lots of WWII fiction based on true stories and real people. My favorite childhood books always had gentle fat ponies or horses, fields and small farms and children (like me) with pails filled with something theyd picked or grown or collected.. These books inspired my love of gardening and creating things from scratch. . Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. So if you want your dinner to be complete, 5. Such a lovely post and what a beautiful interview! He suggested a book called Kane and Abel. Zoes Lost and Found looks like a beautiful book to look thru with my now grown up daughters as we all love flowers yet still love Wheres Waldo type books. Form Beatrix potter a love of nature and animals. Growing up, I loved the illustrated books of fairy tales and faraway places. I think I read every Nancy Drew mystery book, some more than once. I loved old fairy tales. Oh how I dreamed about having a garden like that! In this blog post, youll find 125 delicious rhymes all about food. Every month I looked forward to a new issue which showcased countless photographs of nature that jumped off the pages. The Little Women was my favorite. My mom is Russian and my dad has Ukrainian roots and I speak both languages and loved reading in both as a child. Yes, this season we collaborated on some workshops with Rhonda of Flora Forms, who has a farm about 20 minutes from us. The Secret Garden, of course! I treasure the fact I still have this book after 50+ years of loving it. I think mysteries relate to gardening a lot. Pickles ultimate goal is to help people he may be small but wanted to make big changes and impacts which is something I strive for as well, as silly as this comparison is. Your book is a ray of sunshine! I loved all of the Little House on the Prairie books and now I have a little homestead and *trying* to raise and grow all of our food! We have many more tools to help you be a better writer. I loved most of the books mentioned by othersespecially the Narnia series and The Secret Garden. around her young heroine enchanted me and helped me articulate what I had long experienced about nature a source of solace, interest, and undying wonder. This looks amazing. What a dream come true! This book is gorgeous!!!! Ever since my elementary days Ive been drawn to books spinning tales of people living off the land, whether it was spotlighting the lifestyles of indigenous peoples, or the rugged hardships of early pioneers. I loved a book called Over and Over which was a little girls learning about the seasons. Any book that created a little world, like The Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown. I spent many afternoons pouring over BusyTown, fascinated by the different careers and homes that were shown. Anne of Green Gables. I loved all kinds of books but especially mysteries like Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, and the Boxcar Children. What a lovely interview! Amber Doig All of these books nurtured a deep sense of wonder about plants, animals, nature, and the world. Mysteries are some of my favorite genres, as well as pouring over art and gardening how to-s. ( No pun intended by the way! Wow! I would look for fairies in the woods behind my house. Can you share some of your favorite sources? Her work is so beautiful and inspiring. It was about a mother and son raccoon- I grew to love it more and more and eventually my dad got me a faux raccoon hat I would gallop around in hehe! I just returned Sunday night from a month long stay and highly recommend visiting. It opened up a new beautiful world of gardening and thrill to see a life emerging from a tiniest seeds! This book looks amazing and is sure to connect our flower world with newfound imagination! If youre going to consume that much fat. I loved the Bed Book, an imaginative book of different kinds of kids bed ranging from an ice cream shop bed to a plane bed. Connie. I had a fondness for choose your own adventure books as a child so much wonder in the possibility. As a child I adored all of Beatrix Potters children books. My newest hobby is flowers so this book would be much enjoyed by my daughters and I. I loved books that showed the strength and compassion of children. This book looks beautiful and will be fun to share with my grand daughters. Trying to navigate that world now! I loved all kinds of books as a child, and I think that broad range of interests has carried over! From the book, I learned many camping skills that came in handy over the years. a book that is special to me is a book about people who make a difference in life and who i can learn from( your books included) i love books that just by holding it can make you feel the time and love that was poured into it. Now, that I learned a lot about her life, the paintings and her great love for flowers and nature of this outstanding woman , I can say , that she gave me so much inspiration for my own way of live and my passion for gardening as a grown-up person. I even won an award in middle school for most books read. As a small child I loved the Berenstein Bear books. I loved looking at the I Spy book series as a kid, which are filled with miniatures of all kinds, and I still love miniatures too! We lived in the country and I would go out into the fields and pretend I was the characters, perfectly happy amongst the flowers. If I wanted to enjoy the flowers that I loved so much, I needed to venture out into the neighborhood to investigate. I probably buy enough books to support the entire publishing industry, it started with anything about horses, especially artist illustrated. As an adult, I was lucky enough to find and purchase a sweet, quaint early 1900s farmhouse and its my little girl dreams come true. The Little Golden books! I also loved horses and got into the Phantom Stallion series. Ive been an avid flower gardener all my adult life, spending hours pouring over all types of gardening books. My mother, a life long gardener, as was my grandmother, gave me the book. She chipped off a small piece and put it in a glass of water. Your book looks beautiful. I loved this book so much as a child that by age 5 I had it memorized from listening to my parents read it to me every night. I clearly remember that even as a young child, my heart was always captured by stories telling how people helped animals or other people in need. food that rhymes with alexis C.S. However, my absolute favorite books as a child, were Better Homes and Garden magazines. And 2 years ago my daughter (who settled down the road with her kids) and me started a flower farm. As a kid, I liked the Arnold Lobel books. I even had my grandma help me sew my doll and me matching outfits to look the ingalls wilder sisters. As far as shaping me as an adult, Im not sure! We found it very rewarding selecting plants that would bring her joy and interest throughout the whole year. It might be the thing to make me pause, slow down and savor. Ive been passionate about books, especially those with beautiful illustrations, ever since I can remember. I just found it fascinating how you can walk into a wardrobe and find a fantasy land! You brought back lovely moments of memory through your own inspiration. ), and Mary Higgins Clark. I said we were downscaling, but we ended up using it as a good excuse to source more. I still rely on wonderful, beautiful books to learn and enjoy the natural world, sometimes missing pulling out those heavy volumes and getting lost among the pages of the old World Book. Thank you for sharing such an amazing duo. What could be more enjoyable than immersing yourself in this type of work with someone you love!!! Now that Ive begun a habit of nature journaling and watercolor I often think back to those formative days of reading those beloved novels. Covid, LOL! Its a highlight for me every month! We need to see beauty in times like these. Nancy Drew was my first love, the puzzle/mystery to solve and her inquisitive nature really resonated with me. These stories taught me to look past the mundane and realize the magical in life. I loved joke books and also poems. By: Robert Lopshire. I enjoyed the Bobsey Twins and Nancy Drew series growing up. Let us know in the comments below. I was such a big reader as a kid (and still am!) Books are wonderful. I am a photographer now and the style photojournalism is still my favorite, finding the beauty in every day moments and places. As a child, my favorite booksfictional as well as true storieswere about girls and women throughout history and how they lived- especially stories about surviving and thriving in nature: Laura Ingalls Wilder, Karana in The Island of Blue Dolphins, the heroines in Jubilee Trail and in The Singing Joneses, Opal Whitely. Houses full of secrets and warmth. I love flowers, gardening and the beautiful earth we live on. My school library had a huge collection and I was so excited to go every time to pick a new adventure. They filled me with such joy! Ryhme list involves the matching sounds according to the first letters, last letters and first&last letters of alexis. I passed this love onto my daughter who has a stack of seek and find books. [Rhymes] Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms . Having said that, I love historical fiction. Id stare at the pictures long before I could read the words and it felt as if I were in the story. Jim Kelgard is a great author. As far as reading, I loved The Boxcar Children series. Heres hoping for continued recovery from Gabrielle. So many hours were joyfully spent lost in those pages with Laura on her many adventures in the fledgling frontier. Theyll clog up your arteries and make you sing. Seeing her work would fuel my imagination and bring joy. Thank you. Over the years I have learned how important color and pictures play into my creativity, jumpstart my imagination and affect how I perceive the world. We recently moved from are home of 20 years in the fall of 2021 . I loved reading as an escape. How did you come up with the concept? I remember the delightful book, Heidi, as my first chapter book as an emerging reader. Ive fallen in love with other genres since then, but still have a love for anything extraordinarily imaginative. Of course I wanted to be Jo but my personality was more like Beth. She sources the most beautiful ranunculus, anemones, and cut flower seeds from overseas. Its from cutting she got from Government house in Russell, its supper hardy so if you ever want a cutting just say. I was and still am fascinated about all fairies and little creatures that live in flowers and magical small acorns I guess I did not want to grow up, these days I am planting seeds of flowers, hoping some fairies will find their home in my garden. Amelias Notebook series were my favorites, loved the inner monologue style and the charming illustrations! Who knew gardening and flowers would become a lifelong passion. took the bad with the good. I adore all of the color palettes and the beautiful collections of flowers you showcase throughout the book. They used things from a dump to furnish it. I didnt go on to become a super babysitter or have any run ins with monsters or ghouls, but they did instill a life long love of reading. Im still a horse nerd and love to share the books with my kids. Dont you ? I had to go to tutors for several years. I remember only one set of books from my childhood.The Little House on the Prairie book set. I was a voracious reader as a kid (still am) but that one book has stuck with me above all others. expecting. She encountered others and their problems in order to save the day. There were many childhood books that entered my imaginative mind. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Fortunately for them (and me), they were older folks who did a bit of gardening in the morning and then spent the rest of their day in the house (or somewhereI wasnt a very good spy) away from my snooping. It has kept me searching for that little special thing everywhere. I love this interview and learning about Zoe and Sue. Find more near rhymes/false rhymes at Heaven! The richness of life in other countries and cultures captivated me. :-). Oh my heart What an amazingly, beautiful book! My Daisy chains evolved into gardening and later, a bit more complex floral design. I cannot wait to read Zos book. But as an adult I cant resist buying books and have a rather large collection of many different kinds. And garden, and arrange and play house. They captured my imagination and I loved reading about historical peoples lives such as Betsy Ross, Dolly Madison, Harriet Tubman, etc. The Jolly Postman was my favorite book as a child and I relieve the enjoyment over and over again as I see it through the eyes of my children. I was a swimmer as well so jumping right into the ocean ( cold since we were on the northern part of CA) was my treat. Yes! Will always love a good mystery. [Rhymes] Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Thesaurus Phrases Mentions Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound Same consonants Advanced >> Words and phrases that rhyme with alexis: (72 results) 2 syllables: -rrhexis, flexus, . I grew up with the precious little book The teenie weenies about tiny people sleeping in thimbles surrounded by gardens and riding grasshoppers! Books that encouraged dreaming in one way or another. But we keep coming back for more and more! From the cover to the last page, I was enchanted by the idea that there was a secret garden that had been abandoned and was there to not only tell of the past, but held the opportunity to become a beautiful part of the future. Some of my best memories. So I try to win one. I have since found a different copy for the kids to have on their bookshelf. I grew up on a farm and could relate to Laura, and later as an adult pursued having a farm of my own, knowing the importance of instilling that lifestyle and values into my children. So flowers, nature and magical creatures have always found me as I too look for them. A book worm for all things magical. The places I could explore. This interest has bloomed into a wonderful life on our own homestead! Pets need plenty of protein and nutrients, 1. Reading the authors description of the natural landscape (including flowers! I loved all of the Golden Book series. I loved The lion, the Witch , and the Wardrobe. Sandwiches or salads, either way is great. Children forming friendships, the invalid boy, the magical garden (I seem to recall it was gated?) As a child, I enjoyed reading books on states other than mine and countries. My make believe world spans my own back yard so I am able to immerse myself in a new page every day. Hello, what beautiful work! But the Roald Dahl books were so enchanting especially Fantastic Mr. Fox. Owning my own horse was a dream. hola ,soy de chile el pais mas austral del planeta y tambien el mas alejado de todo por ende cuando nia no tenia muchas obciones de libros y menos de informacion ya que las bibliotecas eran escasas y casi nulas en las escuelitas de campo y el unico libro que tenia era alicia en el pais de las maravillas y estaba en aleman pues era de mi abuela emigrante que me lo regalo ,entonces yo al ver las ilustraciones cree mi propio cuento y recien cuando grande pude comprar el libro en castellano y leer lo que realmente decia ,bueno mi realidad de vida es de una nia austral al fin del mundo que constaba con una gran imaguinacion para darle vida alo que no entendia ,saludos cordiales desde mi ciudad de naciemiento frutillar region de los lagos chile. What a great interview to read. Animal Stories by Thornton Burgess became one of my all time favorites. The story is about the pure magical qualities and healing powers of a garden and those images and feelings have stayed with me all my life. Poodles/noodles? It was kind of like the Wild Thornberrys. I still enjoy mysteries as an adult and I think the Nancy Drew series was the catalyst. Most specifically a picture of a little girl dressed in the most beautiful and ornate traditional Chinese clothing. I still do. I pretended to be on adventures, just like them. My passions are not mainstream, but I will not hesitate to geek out in monologue when asked. I was blessed with a grandmother who always did a garden. My garden is a refuge, guided by color and textures that will survive our drought climate in California. I loved any book filled with goodness and beauty and read them over and over! Am now living in a semi-rural, temperate zone; Im keeping a cottage garden, enjoy watching the birds at their feeders, and am partial to watercolor illustrations/artworks. Dating myself as well, I have to say the books that got the wheels in my brain churning were the Nancy Drew mystery books, which I discovered after reading most of the Hardy Boys series. The perfect way to start my day with this post and a cup of coffee! After those I enjoyed The Little House series and then Nancy Drew! This has changed me the most. However, I was always interested in the vegetable garden and the flowers that my mom grew. I would get lost in the illustrations imagining what Eden must have been like when God created our earth. Nous habitions sur une ferme, donc jtais trop occup aller jouer ds les champs ou la ferme voir tous les animaux :). Im definitely intrigued to venture into this artistic beauty contained in a book. My cant recall these childhood books by name but I am forever indebted to the knowledge building blocks they gave me. When asked to think about what kind of books I liked as a child I had to pause and dig deep into my memory. The book changed my thoughts as a little girl, to make my moms garden less a place to pull weeds, and more a place where I could find my own bit of wonder and creativity. Place all the food in one pile and the rhyming objects in another. Thank you for a lovely interview and insane photos! What a beautiful interview!! We absolutely loved seeing the islands, trekking, fishing and exploring the people and places. I loved story books with pictures like Beautrix Potter. What I realized as I had not been picking books that were interesting to me. Words and phrases that rhyme with Alexis. I loved all sorts of books but I had one book called The Bumper Bookwhich was an anthology of poems Oh how I dreamed to live in the MET with all those amazing things and see them solo without distraction! I loved the Bobbsey Twins series (showing my age!). My favorite books as a horse crazy child were the Black Stallion books by Walter Farley. Thanks Erin! My Mom introduced the wonder of stories very early on in my life by reading me a chapter or two each night before bed. Sizzle, sizzle, watch it fry. As an adult I like to go back to childrens books,after I worked with young children so many years, I realised that we all have this chance to go back to that wonder inside of each of us and create with no limits,just as childrens are doing,when I look at this book I see all the beauty and the colors and this, brings me back to my real creativity. Plus anything by Martha Stewart which definitely influenced my love of flowers today. I loved my Dads Encyclopedia Brittanica set I would sit there and just pour over them looking for new information! Thank you for all you do Erin. There is much to learn from others and Im still reading and learning lots every day! Recognizing patterns. This helped me to understand how much our world has changed, yet basic human emotions, needs, and wants have not. As adult, I have realized that some were roses that had been handed down and cuttings rooted. Do you love food? They are so inspiring! I love supporting local book stores and I always search out unique book stores when we travel. Occasionally a splurge would be on colored pencils or chalk, and a real sketch book with sturdy paper. I have always loved mythical lore, and I think its helped me keep a bright imagination as an adult. Les dessins sont extraordinaires avec normment de dtails et les histoires nous transportaient dans la nature avec les animaux et les fleurs. When I was about 4 years old my mother gave me a little spot in her large garden for my very own. My favourite collection is my Holly Hobbie series that I cherish and reread often! Many thanks. I loved to read Fairy Tales when I was very young; as an adult now, I tend to be an optimist, and am always open to the influence of something magical to enter my life! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous book in your lovely interview! my youngest is an environmental planner,vermont grown,nz educated, near wairoa-one of hardest hit towns in hawkes bay
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