Beds/Baths: 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath. Wagon loads of house materials were brought wagon-by-wagon in the proper order for construction while the boxcar sat on a siding. You will not receive a notification when a response to your question has been posted. And, like all of the companies, Sears offered homes of many sizes and styles. Today, the only way to find these homes in literally one by one. A review of some of our inspection photos came up The clues you already have seem to indicate that it may very well be the Elsmore model - age, interior and exterior designs, and 'provenance' confirmation from previous owner. For example, Sears sold only, Rose and I have communicated recently about these houses, and she very graciously agreed to update her blog post to reflect that we now know that these are not actually Sears houses, as she is a strong believer in the importance of the accuracy of historic records (. The Aladdin Company, Bay City, Michigan. Wondering what model this Sears Craftsman is. ). Love these homes. I purchased a home in Keokuk County, Iowa one year ago . A highly modified Sunbeam model Sears Modern (we think) this house also had a tasteful, adult hip renovation that looks like a Southern Home spread brought to life. Better yet, can you identify the model for the listings we couldnt quite get? 73 m 1 2. Any ideas about the model of this home? There . 415 Kenwood, LaPorte, IN. Notes: this product was sold by Sears beginning in 1916. We may have a kit house, pic from the 30's, abandoned for 35 years, have more pics if needed What do you think so far? we own a sears home..We are interested in and land surrounding it its in the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee. Why not sell houses in kit form through his already ubiquitous Sears & Roebuck catalog? by Adrian McCullough. it has a small enclosed front porch. When most people think of Sears catalog homes, they imagine Cape Cods or Craftsman style bungalows with columned porches. 1920. I'm omitting the famous Wilton gingerbread house and Wilton gingerbread house kits sold by Sears as that's a food product not an actual house. The Journal article (1/7/1990 F1-2), also identified other Sears Number 26. Nor do I include the collection of homes in Wood River, Illinois (both towns had neighborhoods of Sears Modern Homes kits built by the Standard Oil Company, around 1918). Our national database of Sears houses in the U.S. has over 13,600 homes on it, and, after Ohio and Illinois, Pennsylvania is #3 in U.S. states with, at today's count, 1,963 Sears homes found. Sears prefabricated almost all of these homes in giant mills situated across the country. I've searched many catalogs with no luck. also see our Aladdin kit homes and catalogs found at Sold under the Sears Modern Homes brand, the kits soon became a huge hit; selling thousands of homes all across the country in the companys 33-year history. NTL Stacks: NA8480.N61, Aladdin Homes. It comes with a 10-year-old garage, garden house in the backyard, an unfinished basement, and a floored attic. by Sears & Roebuck in 1908, and eventually Sears offered 370 different models of residential homes, ranging from small bungalows More than 100 years of history now available online.Sears has a rich, long history to tell dating back to 1886 when Richard Sears sold the first batch of watches. In 1915 Sears kit homes included fiberboard panels used for ceilings and walls. 20 items. But we can't rule out traditional plaster lath. The Sears Modern Homes catalog from 1930. From 1908 until 1940, Sears, Roebuck and Company, then headquartered on the West Side of Chicago, Enthusiasts call the Magnolia the "holy grail of kit houses." (Photo: Courtesy Andrew and Wendy Mutch) This past . The company promised a man of average abilities that he could finish the house within 90 days if he followed the 75-page instruction . Aladdin Homes. Any help would be appreciated! The first complete Sears Kit homes, that is, residences, were marketed Kirkwood homes that were originally thought to be Sears houses, but are not. Thanks!! I'll be interested if you find any indication of just how widely plaster-lath construction was used in kit homes; our rock-lath article cited above gives some history, though not specific to kit homes; we need authoritative sources on the extent to which rock-lath or sheet-plaster systems were in wide use in North America before the 1940s. Any ideas? a company which sold it as a kit house in the early 1940's. I do have the original receipt, but it does not list the name of the company. While the retailer is clinging to life amid a changing consumer landscape, many of the kit homes it designed and sold will stand long after the last Sears store closes. North Avenue, in Pleasant Valley, NY, a "gothic cottage" Crescent model built in 1932 for $1761. The updated five-bedroom home is zoned for residential and commercial use, which makes it a great opportunity for a bed-and-breakfast or live-work space. SEARS KIT HOME IDENTIFICATION at - online encyclopedia of building & environmental inspection, testing, diagnosis, repair, & problem prevention advice. as we describe above on this page. Maybe evidence that our Sears model spotting skills are improving, or maybe because of the distinctive peaked entryway and side porch, we immediately pegged 319 Sycamore as a Glen Falls. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland the author of books on identifying Sears houses, cited at REFERENCES below, and The Aladdin Company, Bay City, Michigan. 8 September 2005. You will see that a stencil marking on lumber or sheathing or even specific bits of hardware can identify the home even if its general layout and plan are similar to those produced by more than one manufacturer. in the Kit House Identification article above we cite Thornton's books describing Sears kit homes, but you may want to step through the definitive list of key Sears Kit Home identification points given in the article above right here; It helps to narrow that search through Sears home catalogs if you can find the year that your home was constructed. @George, Sure, the windows are modernized along with a few skylights and what looks like an addition with vaulted ceilings, but the facade has largely stayed true to its architectural vision. That last house in Boulder, Colorado is a perfect example of the 1920s version of the Sears Oakdale, not the Clyde. Rosemary Thornton Many original featuresincluding built-in cabinets and hardwood floorshave been maintained and add heaps of character to the four-bedroom home. Becky Bracken covers celebrity and other notable real estate for I have researched over th years trying to find the original plan or any information on the floor plan. Details on the first floor indicate original to 1925 as the deed says. By 1940 home designs, specifications (and building codes) Those in bold are ones that I have written blog posts about, and the link takes you to the blog post: A few years ago, author Rosemary Thornton published, I can tell you, definitively, that the following five houses from that blog post, are not, in fact, Sears houses. But nestled in a golf course in Anderson, Indiana, we found this gorgeous and stately Sears catalog home that wouldnt look out of place in Greenwich, Connecticut or Westchester. Apartment in Munich, Upper Bavaria. detail which is still in place on a Sears house was unique to those homes and can help in their identification today, even though Even better, unlike the other homes weve seen so far, 1670 Whitcomb seems largely untouched from its original design. description of this home at 15 N. Remsen, Wappingers Falls, NY. Tucker/Crossroads. 1924. the identification of Sears Catalog or Kit homes and including references to other expert books and resources on Offices Locations.jpg download. Some early experiments by Sears included selling a kit to build Our client traced the sale and construction of the home to Rosemary Thornton, a recognized expert on Sears kit homes, offers several tips to verify a homes Sears lineage. Sears, Roebuck and Company, Chicago, Illinois. 3385); ($1,359 to $1,671) Beginning in 1929, and not by coincidence, the volume of Sears Catalog houses sold dropped dramatically. Whether their customers needed a simple cottage without a bathroom (an outhouse could be purchased separately), or wanted to submit their own multistory blueprints to Sears, there was a Modern Home for every location and budget. Hmmmm you sure thats an Oakdale and not a Clyde? when i moved to MD and bought a house, my boss at the time gave me a going away/housewarming gift that consisted of a very fancy and comprehensive hammacher schlemmer tool kit, and a $100 GC to home depot. What seems likely here is that the original structure might have been modified after 1908 with heavily modified plans from a Sears Modern. She explains that often a specific @Jessica, Try looking through the Sears kit home ID tips and photos and catalogs given on this page above. Because the homes were so easy to tailor to their owners tastes, true Sears Modern Homes can be tricky to identify today. We did not examine the mechanicals closely in this house, as they were not provided by Sears and Roebuck and were obtained locally. 1. homes have been much modified or expanded since their original construction. Above is the original catalog description of this home at 15 N. Remsen, Wappingers Falls, NY Three neighbors - three Sears catalog homes were built in a row by Wappingers grocer Adolph Von Vorstel on N. Remsen Ave. in Wappingers Falls. In short, it's a house whose blueprints and building supplies were ordered from a specialty Sears catalog, and all of these supplies were shipped, by rail (primarily), to the homeowner (who either chose to build the house himself, or use a contractor to arrange the construction). Number 29. Here are five recent sales and listings of Sears homes around Chicagoland. Sold under the Sears Modern Homes brand, the kits soon became a huge hit; selling thousands of homes all across the country in the company's 33-year history. In 1952, my grandfather put up a Cape Cod style kit house in Wilton, CTModel # NM2137-4. A couple of years ago I became more interested in catalog and kit houses as Chicagoland is full of them, many coming from local companies like Sears, Montgomery Ward, and the Harris Brothers. Kit homes used drywall, asphalt shingles, and "balloon" style. If you can find other details such as finding specific stamps, lumber marks, or hardware in your particular house that confirm it as a particular company's kit home and also paging through the kit home catalogs we list to match that roof design and entry porch, for example. The gorgeous 2-acre lot has plenty of room to expand. (Plumbing and electrical systems, however, did not come with the kits.). For some of these items, there were options (type of wiring, heating, plumbing fixtures, for example, or upgrades for flooring and trim wood), and any masonry items were purchased through Sears, but obtained through a local supplier, rather than being shipped by Sears. a blog post about the Sears houses in Kirkwood, A few catalog covers (1918 through the 1920s) for. I'm trying to find the plans for a Sears house that we're buying, but it was built in 1906. Learn all about these mail-ordered, catalog homes as we explore their unique history i. Number 44. Thornton cites a Sears house which was completed around 1944. @Judy Gehrlich, Price: $200,000 Happy home: This 880-square-foot, ranch-style home has two bedrooms. As an amateur historian and NOCO Realtor, this list will be most helpful. contain additional specific details which you will find instrumental in identifying Sears Catalog Homes. They were hoping to meet the needs and desires of the same folks who were buying from the lumber companies. by Matthew Mackowiak. ), This is a fantastic post! Additional keys for identifying kit homes are given on the page above. Ready Built House Company, Portland, Oregon. caribbean villas with chef, jesse duplantis daughter and granddaughter, how often does reformation restock,